CYEB Group continued to improve its business performance in 2017

CYEB Group's revenue grew by more than 10% in 2017, continuing the growth trend of previous years.

Active international electricity trading in 2017

CYEB Romania traded 300 GWh energy on the Hungarian-Romanian border during 2017.

More than 500 GWh energy traded in 2016

CYEB Romania traded over 500 GWh electricity on the Romanian energy exchange OPCOM 

Electricity supply started as of 1st January 2016

Besides the existing natural gas supply, CYEB SRL started to supply electricity from 1st January 2016 to end users. 

Lighting modernization

CYEB Romania has finalized at two important companies from Cluj the modernization of internal and external lighting.

Starting of trade and export of electricity

As of 3rd October 2015 CYEB Romania started to buy energy on OPCOM and sell it to Hungary. 

Electricity Balance Group Established

CYEB Romania successfully acquired its own electricity balance group license on 1st September 2015.